Walking Leads

 About Martingale Style Walking Leads and Collars

How are they made, and how are they used?

A walking lead is a collar leash combination used for walking.  My leads are designed primarily to fit sighthounds (who can easily back out of a regular collar and leash), but also work well on other breeds of dogs. 

A walking lead is made as a  single unit collar/leash combination.  The leash is not detachable

Measure at the skinny part of the neck, right behind the ears, then a few inches down (this is where the bottom of the collar will rest).  Somewhere in between should be about the size you're looking for.  No need to be exact..close will do

Each size, Greyhound (large), Whippet (medium) and Italian Greyhound (small) is constructed with different weights and sizes of webbing and hardware.  Please check the individual listings for more construction details.

My Walking Leads are quick and convenient for you- safe, comfortable and great looking for your dog.

Hang it by the door.  Slip it on your pup and step out in style!

Since each offering is one-of-a-kind, the selection will vary.  Please bookmark my site and check back often.