Italian Greyhound, Small

Italian Greyhound, Small Dog

I have basically 2 sizes of leads here, small and extra small.

 The larger ones have a 9-1/2" collar section, 1-1/2" wide. The leash is 6' long and 3/4" wide. The webbing is 650lb test polypropylene.  D-rings are lighter weight, un-welded, nickel plated steel.  These will fit a medium/small dog  with a neck size of about 10" -12".  

The smaller size (toy breeds) will have 7"-8" collar section, 1" wide.  The leash is 6" long and 1/2" wide.  The webbing is 300lb test polypropylene. D-rings are very light weight nickel plated steel.  These will fit tiny dogs with a neck size in the 7-1/2" to 9" size.

Word of Caution

My leads are all wider and well padded, however, some small dogs, especially Italian greyhounds, are fragile and are  susceptible to throat injuries.  Be very careful of using any type of "choke" collar that puts excess preasure on the neck.  If your little guy is the type that struggles or pulls too hard on a leash, he could injure himself.  For these types, a harness or harness vest is a safer alternative.