Jansmartingales, Light Blue Martingale Dog Collar Leash Combination Walking Lead, Italian Greyhound, Extra Small, Toy Breed Size, 8", Ilblu041

Item Description

This collar and leash combination walking lead is sized for a smaller Italian greyhound, or similar size toy breed dog.   This is a collar and leash combination made as a single unit.  The leash is not detachable.  It is fully lined with  cotton fabric over soft fleece padding.  The webbing base for this lead is made of 300 lb test polypropylene.  The collar section is 8” from ring tip to ring tip, 1” wide, with a 6’ leash that is 1/2” wide. This collar and leash combination will fit a small size dog with a neck size about 8-1/2 or 9” to 9-1/2 inches.  

Catalog number for this lead is Ilblu041

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